Loudoun Startup Marketing News – Quality Legal Network, Music Cave Studios and Learning Online
  Posted Thursday, December 19th, 2013 at 09:55

Loudoun County is a hotbed of startup activity – everything from small stores to Internet technology businesses, services and products. From time to time, we’ll showcase some of these, as either based in Loudoun or originating and supported via Loudoun professionals. Here’s a quick look at three:

Quality Legal Network is a new venture co-founded by Kelly McLaughlan and Wayne Cohen, offering legal referral guidance and help for workers’ compensation and personal injury cases – starting with Baltimore MD area workers’ compensation claimants and employees. This is a unique service combining Internet technologies and legal services, matching cases and those seeking legal assistance with the very most appropriate, local lawyers and attorneys. Here’s a writeup, focused specifically on Baltimore workers’ compensation services.

Music Cave Studios is a brand-new business offering full service rehearsal/recording studio space and services in Ashburn, Virginia. To open in June 2014, they will offer large and small rehearsal spaces for all kinds of musicians and bands, including Fully Equipped Large Rehearsal Spaces, Small Rehearsal Spaces (Empty, W/ Drums, W/ Upright Piano), Drum Lessons (Guitar lessons available by opening), Recording and Production, Band Representation (Get your foot in the door of that place you have been wanting to play), Music Instrument Consignment (on a case by case basis). David Dixon, owner of Music Cave Studios, was recently introduced to the Loudoun community by winning the 2013 Loudoun SBDC small business plan award. This is an annual competition highlighting those new small businesses and/or startups in Loudoun whose business plans are judged by a panel of local business experts and owners (including Ted McLaughlan, a local business owner, IT professional and SBDC counselor), and the winners are provided all kinds of local business services to further their success – including local social media, online marketing and SEO services from Loudoun’s premier Internet Marketing firm for startups and local businesses (KME).

Education Online is a very exciting new startup, providing extremely affordable online college consulting and SAT preparation courses for students around the world. Recent testimonials showcase students improving their SAT scores by over 200 points in less than six weeks, using an entirely online service and artificial intelligence-based tool developed by Yale-educated PhD’s. It’s a local, Northern Virginia company, with marketing, technology, educational feedback and promotional assistance being provided by Loudoun’s KME Internet Marketing.

If you’ve got a great Loudoun startup or entrepeneurial success story to share, “Made in Loudoun” – let us know!